Blades of Khorne


Bloodreaver of the Flayed
Creator: @Wadepryce

Bloodreaver with an Unmade Head

Bloodreaver of Shyish
Creator: @Wadepryce

Targor of Garrek’s Reavers with Wrathmonger helmet

Bloodreaver of Ghur
Creator: @Wadepryce

Untamed Beasts Preytaker with Bloodreaver helmet, Skulls Bitz Pack belly plate and Godsworn Hunt base.

Bloodwarriors/Chaos Chosen
Creator: @Paintforthepaint1

Stormcast paladins, Chaos knights weapons and helmets, Varanguard weapons, Brutes axe, Gluttons club , Wrathmonger tabards, Blood warriors gorefists, Varanguard and Chaos knights shoulderpads, A skull pillar top from one of their basing kits

Bloodstoker/Chaos Lord
Creator: @Paintforthepaint1

Magore's Fiends, Varanguard helm (with an extra horn), Flaming stoker from bloodthirster whip , Lance from Varanguard, Skulls from skulls kit, Spider from Arachnarok in the base.