Maggotkin of Nurgle


Maggotspitter Gargant of Nurgle
Creator: @kitbashermagos
Megagargant set with various parts from the
Great Unclean One :sword, horns, guts, trinkets and tentacles.
Putrid blightkings: small bells,shield.
Aleguzzler Gargant: arrows. Plaguebearers: death heads, banner,
Feculent Gnarlmaw: bells and greenstuff

Marauders of Nurgle
Creator: @kitbashermagos

Flaggelant: bodies and arms, banner and weapon shafts
Plaguebearers: Deathheads (champions is from the pussgoyle blightlords
Beastmen Gors: axeheads
Chaos Marauders: shields

Festus the Leechlord
Creator: @kitbashermagos

One blightking body
Festus the leechlord limbs and gear
Greenstuff and mini beads

Creator: @kitbashermagos

Glottkin set
Great Unclean One: bell arm, rotigus's face
Flaggelants: chains and bells, and some trinkets
Feculent Gnarlmaw: bells
Blightkings: bells
Plaguebearers: bells

Nurgle Sorceror
Soulblight Gravelords Necromancer and Putrid Blightkings head and scythe

Nurgle Sorceror on Fell Tauralon
Creator: KIT
Stormcast Tauralon, Blight Lords rider + Accessories