Converted from the Lumineth Mountain Spirit kit with spares from the Verminlord Kit and based on a Skaventide Endless Spell

Skaven Clawlord
Creator: @Lordhighkobold
Body: Skaven warlord
Head: Doomwheel pilot
Backback: clan skryre engineer
Halberd: Master moulder
Shield: boneripper arm plate

Arch Warlock/Engineer
Creator: @Lordhighkobold

Body: Doomwheel pilot
Head: Stormvermkn kit with greenstuff mechanical eye
Halberd: stormvermin/ skaven master moulder
Back banner: skaven warlord
Wheelchair: doomwheel wheel and other doomwheel components
Metal arm: sicarian ruststalkers

Arch Warlock
Creator: @Lordhighkobold
Body: Spiteclaw from Underworlds
Big arm: Kroq gars arm- carnosaur kit
Gun arm: magos dominous kit
Engine bits: Stormfiend kit
Head: doomwheel pilot

Ratling Team
Creator: @Lordhighkobold
Body: Stormvermin
Gun and arms: genestealer cultists
Gun barrel: ratling gun stormfiend
Head: warlock engineer from warp lightning cannon

Creator: @Lordhighkobold
Ogoroid Myrmiodon base, Rat Ogor head, Beastman horns, Bonerippers warpstone brazier for weapon head, stormvermin icon for shoulder adornment.

Rat Ogor
Creator: @Lordhighkobold

Body and legs: Sicarian ruststalker
Head: Stormvermin champion
Gun arm: Magos dominous
Halberd: clan skryre warlock engineer

Rat Ogor
Creator: @Lordhighkobold

Body and legs: Sicarian Rustalker
Head: stormvermin
Arms and glaive: mechanicus electro priests

Hellpit Abomination
Creator: @Chemywords

Multiple rat ogors, stormfiend bits, mines of Moria scenery for the base

Creator: @ghostdog_23

Grey seer from screaming bell/plague furnace kit
Disc and flames from burning chariot of tzeentch
Knife from plague monk kit
Glyph orb from verminlord kit

Greyslayer on Doombell
Creator: KIT
Lumineth Stone Mage body and army, head and tail from the Skaven Bloodbowl team and staff topper from the Stormvermin kit. Bell and Vortex from the Skaven Endless Spells kit

Skaven Assassin
Creator: KIT
Body and limbs from the Genestealer Cult Sanctus kit, head and tail from the Skaven Bloodbowl Team.

Grey Seer
Creator: @yarrickson

Skaven Grey Seer Head, Skaven Grey Seer Tail, Skaven Grey Seer Staff, Genestealer Cults Locus Body and staff