Slaves to Darkness


Chaos Lord of Tzeentch
Creator: @Lordhighkobold

Body: 40k Chaos Lord
Helmet: Chaos Knight
Right arm: Chaos Knight plus crow from garden of morr

Mindstealer Sphiranx
Creator: @Greenstuffnglue

Mindstealer & Necrosphinx

Chaos Sorceror Lord
Creator: @Lordhighkobold

Head and arm from Cultist and body from Chaos Sorceror Lord

Chaos Warshrine
Creator: @Paintforthepaint1

Arachnarok spiders, Cauldron of blood, Judgments of Khorne's bleeding icon, Garrek from Garreks reavers, Scythe from Sorcerer lord on Manticore, Tusks from Beastclaw stonehorns, Cygor shields , Ogor plate shields, Stonehorn plate shields, Chaos warrior shields, Chaos knights shields , lots of skulls, Chaos Dreadfort pieces for the base, Chaos Chariot pieces for the platform, Shoulder pad from a Bloodthirster., Azurite ruins in the base, Spider from dankhold troggoth club

Chaos Knight - Doom Knight
Creator: @campaignrepo

Start Collecting - Slaves to Darkness Chaos Knight #4, Horns from an old Chaos Knight helmet, Axe haft from an old Chaos Knight Chaos Glaive, Axe head from a Chaos Champion, Axe pommel weight from unknown, Greenstuff on the cloak and in gaps.

Chaos Knight with Ensorcelled Weapon
- Tzeetch head from the chaos chariot kit
- Tzeetch axe from the varanguard kit
- the rest is the new chaos knight leader with his spear removed

Chaos Sorceror
Creator: KIT
Converted from Splintered Fang Hero and a Melusai Lower snake half

Darkoath Warqueen
Creator: @jackhealy10

Made from a Darkoath Warqueen and Daemonette arm

Chaos War Mammoth
Creator: @HarrySherwin

Mumakil, Kairic Acolytes, decorations from Mancrusher Gargant kit

Gaunt Summoner & Chosen
Creator: @HarrySherwin
Body of Gaunt Summoner on foot with Melusai lower halves

Chaos Lord on Stonehorn
Creator: @HarrySherwin
Stonehorn, Lord on Maticore body, head from Corpse Grinder Cult. Slaughter Priest axe, Khorne symbol from Chaos Warshrine

Slaves to Darknes Warshrine
Creator: @Giantamongminis

WarCry Terrain, Goblin Town Terrian, Stonehorn Head, Ironblaster Wheels, Ogor Gluttons, Ogor Glutton Banner, Space Wolf Head, Dark Oath Chieftain, Chaos Marauders Banner Staff, Sylvaneth Branches, Skull Pack, Green Stuff Fur and Gold Coins