Flesh-eater Courts

"The Flesh-eater Courts believe themselves to be noble warriors of glorious households. In truth they are vile, pallid ghouls possessed of a cannibalistic hunger. If you like a compelling backstory of tragedy and horror, and hordes of fearsome creatures, the Flesh-eater Courts are for you."
Flesh-eater Courts, AgeofSigmar.com

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Denizens of the Courts

Crypt Haunter
Creator: KIT
Components: Radukar, Crypt Horror head and Axes, Kruleboyz Vulture Helmet

Crypt Ghast Courtier
-Head from the spite revenants
-Body is one of the new chaos furies with its wings removed

Ghoulking on Terrorgheist
Creator: @NickMawtribes

Terrorgheist, Darkfire daemonrift endless spell, Azyrite ruin bell tower, Citadel skulls