Soulblight Gravelords

"Rank upon rank of Deathrattle skeletons form the backbone of the Soulblight Gravelords, with bloodthirsty vampires commanding them in battle. To use such an army is to wield the power of death itself, restoring warriors to fight again while devastating enemies with dark magic."
Soulblight Gravelords

The Soulblight Gravelords present one of the best opportunities to convert and customise your heroes out of any of the factions, their new battletome is a Hero Centric masterpiece where the minions can be a faceless horde to further accentuate the individual personality of each hero you bring to the battlefield.

Whether themeing your heroes to a specific subset, or presenting a number of highly individual competing vampires each bringing their own entourage to the battlefield each presents you an opportunity for individuality and customisation.

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Vampire Lord on Zombie Dragon
Converted from the Arachnarok Spider, Torso and weapon from Morathi and head from Lauka Vai

Converted from a Drukhari Hamonculus with Head from Necromancer kit

Belladama Volga
Converted from the Talon of Slaanesh with head and blade from the Vengorian Lord

Creator: @Greenstuffnglue

Nagash, Chainrasps, Phoenix Wings (Frost), DoK Cauldron of Blood, Stormvault brazier.

Wight King with Black Axe
Creator: @
Gutrot Spume (body), Priest of Sigmar (cape), Greatswords (hat), Battlemage (scythe), Dire Avergengers/Catachans (trinkets), Spirit Host (ghosts/souls)

Vampire Lord

Vampire Lord, Freeguild Greatsword Head, Shadow Warrior Cloak, Nighthaunt Mounted Knight of Shrouds Sword

Vampire Lord on Zombie Arachnarok
Creator: @HarrySherwin
Arachnarok Spider, Spirit Hosts, old Konrad von Carstein

Vampire Lord on Zombie Dragon
Creator: @HarrySherwin
Zombie Dragon using Terrorgheist positioning. Vampire Lord lower body with Mannfred Von Carstein torso, coak and sword. Lance and head from Vampire Lord rider with sculpted hair

Creator: @HetairoiW

Necromancer body, goat skull from skulls set and lantern from Guardian of Souls

Vengorian Lord
Creator: FeralMulan
Vengorian Lord body, Cyber Wolf Head

Vampire Lord
Creator: @CV_Consigliere

Scions of the Flame Champion, Stormcast Eternal Head (FW), Mannfreds Sword, Spirit Host Heads (from mannfreds cape), Hexwraith Chains

Vampire Lord
Creator: @HealyJ7

Mannfred Von Carstein rider body, Reikenor the Grimhailer mount body minus the wings

Vampire Lord
Creator: @HealyJ7

Anasta Malkorion legs, Neferata's upper body, Zombie cat from Cursed City for Base.

Vrykos Vampire Lord
Creator: Varian’s Vault

Wulfen (Body, Arms and Hands) ,Necromantic Horrors Werewolf Head, Tail form Radukar the Wolf, Backpack from Darkoath savages seer, Scythe handle from Shroudguard Termis and Axe head from Master of Executions (CSM)


Creator: @
Sigmarite Mausoleum used to build up basing to a more heroic level

Ghoul (Grave) Guard Seneschal
Creator: @Blastfr97917299

Skeleton Warriors (armour, shield), Goblintown Goblin (legs, arm), Chaos Cultist (weapon arm), Hunter Ork (head)

Undead Pirates
Converted from the Undead Bloodbowl Team, weapons from the Freeguild Pistoliers and some greenstuff accents

Grave Guard
Creator: @HarrySherwin

Body from skeleton warriors combined with the head, arms and pauldrons from Grave Guard kit

Corpse Cart
Creator: @HarrySherwin
Replaced zombies from the Corpse Cart kit with Dire Wolves