Gloomspite Gitz

"Individually weak and cowardly, when they band together, grots can be easily as deadly as their larger green-skinned brethren. From the fungus-fuelled magics of the Moonclan to the terrifying arachnid mounts of the Spiderfang and durable troggoths, Gloomspite Gitz are not to be underestimated"
Gloomspite Gitz

Gloomspite Gitz are cunning, underhanded but perhaps for conversions purposes more important FUN as an army, from bounding squigs that are fundamentally space hoppers with teeth, to fanatics building so much momentum with their balls and chains that they are thrown down the battlefield themselves. It is an armywhere you can embrace the madness and joy of the fungus addled grots and their utterly insane ways to create something that embraced both sides of the funny/cruel sides of their factional personality.

With Troggoths as a subfaction within the tome you have the option of going for big lumbering brutes instead, perhaps not the most gifted with intellect they possess a slow resolve and brute force that constrasts with the grots beautifully and with their larger size provide a much bigger canvas to convert upon.


Boingrot Bounderz/Squig rider kits come with some amazing accent components for your other models, from fungi for the bases to armoured helmets for more elite grots.
Fanatics can provide accent to chariots, flying creatures and monsters by attaching their ropes/chains in such a way to the model they are accenting to indicate movement and momentum
Gobbapalooza is a fantastic start point for countless hero conversions, providing a host of accents and unique model shapes to create a new hero.

Loonboss on Giant Cave Squig
Converted from the Forgeworld Necromunda Sumpkroc and the Zarbags Gitz Underworld Warband

Converted from the Spider Riders kit with spares from the Arachnarok Spider

Fungoid Cave Shaman
Creator: @TimWollweber

Goblin shaman, Apoxie Sculpt, 3D sculpted/printed puff-squig & mushrooms

Purple Sun of Shyish/Grot Fanatic
Creator: @Pantmonger

Fanatic, Purple Sun, Greenstuff, Metal kebab skewer.

Creator: @AosCoach

Squig Herd & Khinerai wings

Skarsnik & Maw-Squig Gobbla
Creator: @AosCoach

Skarsnik, Maw-Krusha, Mangler Squig head & chain

Slavermaw Grot Wagon
Creator: KIT
Base of the wagon is from the Ironblaster kit, pulled by two Slavermaws from the Underworlds Rippas Snarlfangs Warband, the crew and accessories are from the Gobbapalooza with one head from the Rippas Warband

Grot on Direwolf
Creator: KIT
Wolf from the Space Wolves Thunderwolf Cavalry kit, rider from the Underworlds Rippas Snarlfangs Warband with icicles made from spare sprue.

Grot Brewer on Slavermaw
Creator: KIT
Wolf from the Rippas Snarlfangs Underworld Warband, head, weapons and accessories from the Gobbapalooza Kit

Creator: KIT
Body from a Duardin Fyreslayer, Axe and Ponytail from the Wurmspat Underworlds Warband. Head from Gobbapalooza

Pirate Captain
Poxwalker coat (hollowed out with dremel), cursed city crow, feather and pistol from freeguild handgunners, boingrot bounder arm and leg, miscellaneous goblin heads and skirt, greenstuff and plasticard