Ogor Mawtribes

"Devouring their way through the realms, ogors are a scourge upon all beings. Whether living or dead, beast, plant, or inanimate object, nothing is safe from their insatiable hunger. Ogor armies are made up of elite troops and monsters backed up by expendable gnoblars"
Ogor Mawtribes AgeofSigmar.com

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Ogor Tyrant
Creator: @paul_christie

Ogor Firebelly body, trogladoth head and arms. Green stuff kilt. Spares from beastclaw Riders for weapons and armour

The Might Gnobs
Creator: @paul_christie

Gnoblars from various Ogor model sets, weapons from orruk spares

Ogor Merc/Hunter
Creator: @dillon_kw

Gorzag Gitstompa, ogor head and pistol from mournfang kit

Ogor Hunter
Creator: @
Mix of bits from the stonehorn and Mournfang kits

Leadbelcher Brute
Creator: KIT
Converted from an Ironjawz Megaboss with weapons and accessories from the Leadbelchers kit and head from the Ironguts

Monsters and Mounts

Creator: @KrrNiGit

Stonehorn kit