Orruk Warclans

"Followers of Gorkamorka – the god of destructive, primal violence – orruk warclans rampage across the Mortal Realms looking for the biggest fight they can find. Whether you favour the monstrous Ironjawz or the cunning Kruleboyz, they are perfect for players who love getting stuck into combat"
Orruk Warclans AgeofSigmar.com

Big, Green and Brutish the Orruks are a staple of Age of Sigmar lore, unlike their 40k cousins they are less about the whacky and more about the brutality (With Skaven filling in the Whacky niche) on the field of battle. With now 3 distinct subcultures (Ironjawz, Kruleboyz, Bonesplittas) and a fourth unified army brand (Big Waaagh) you can tailor your force to embrace whatever breed of Orruk you favour or create something truly special in a big combined force.

With each sub-breed of Orruk providing artistially and creatively distinct themes you can find one that speaks to you personally, from the cunning Kruleboyz lurking in the mists to the shamanistic Bonesplittas with their Waaghpaint or the wall of iron and muscle that is the brutish Ironjawz there is alot to explore and play around with

Suggest a Kit for conversion components here


Killaboss on Gnashtoof
Creator: @greenstuffnglue

Reposed from the original kit

Killaboss on Great Gnashtoof
Creator: @pjschard

Converted using components from the Killaboss on Great Gnashtoof and Spiderfang Scuttleboss

Carrion Crawler Sloggoth
Creator: KIT
Marshcrawler sloggoth with barrels from the Ironblaster kit, rider and crow from the Corvus Cabal

Morrda Host Bombard
Mawtribes Ironblaster cannon, Plague Claw Catapult wooden frame, platform and pole from the Sloggoth kit. Engineer from the Scions of the Flame kit with a Corvus Cabal head

Shyishian Shadestalkers
Creator: KIT
Made from Warcry Corvus Cabal models and the bows/hands from Hedonites of Slaanesh Blissbarb Archers

Morrda Shrine
Creator: KIT
Converted from a Skaven Screaming Bell kit with banners from the Kruleboyz Vulture. Crew come from the Corvus cabal range with weapon hands from the Kruleboyz Sloggoth

Torrda Morr on Blood Vulture
Creator: KIT
Converted to representing human scavengers using the Kruleboyz rules this hero model combines elements from the lower half of a crouching corvus cabal model with that units champion, atop a stipped back Vultures rear harness.


Wurrgog Prophet
Creator: @Slowpainterloz

Bonesplittaz big boss (legs), corvus cabal (wings), spoilpox scrivener and squig (squiggly beast), weirdnob shamen (torso/arms), gobbapalooza (mask), brutes (trinkets/skulls), nighthaunt ghost (spell), zombie dragon (back horns), stonehorn (tusk), ghouls (bones)

Iron Jawz

Megaboss on Mawkrusha
Megaboss on Maw-Krusha, mixed and matched between Gordrakk parts, spare Orruk Megaboss head, the base, some rock parts from Terrorgheist combined with foam and (lots of) greenstuff and spare zombie dragon head, texture paints and tufts