Sons of Behemat

"Bellowing, stomping and crushing all before them, the Sons of Behemat are all but unstoppable. On the charge, a group of gargants can flatten a battleline whilst suffering only flesh wounds. If you want a whole army of monsters, these are for you."
Sons of Behemat

Sons of Behemat represent the ideal low model count army, with even the largest only hitting under 10 models at 2000 points you really have a decent chance to personalise every model in the force. With their massive frames there is an opportunity to tell of their legend through stolen trophies and artefacts, body paint and wounds and even mutations to reflect different breeds of Gargants roaming the realms.

With so much room to explore in the mortal realms it is entirely possible to create your own narrative species of Gargant, from the Frost Gargant shown below through various elemental, mutated or even factional allegiant Gargants to join your other forces. Whatever your end result the massive frame of the Mega Gargant kit makes it a true centrepiece in your army.

Suggest a Kit for conversion components here

Gargants and Mega Gargants

Frost Gargant
Created using the Mega gargant kit with the Flesh-eater Courts endless spell goblet and a back rig built from a Corpse Cart

Siege Gargant
Creator: KIT
Created from the Mega Gargant Kit, head from the Underworld Objectives set with the rear contruction made from the Skaven Plagueclaw Catapult and Howdah from the Forgeworld Squiggoth

Warstomper bagpiper
Creator: @paul_christie

Mega gargant and Milliput

Gate Breaker Mega Gargant
Creator: FeralMulan

Mega Gargant Body, Zombie Dragon spine, troglodon head and Ghouls for decoration, 40K Knight mask

Cog Themed Mega Gargant
mega-gargant, thanquol (for the arms, backpack, shoulder spike/armor), jewelry chain for the chains and brass rod/wire for the pipes to the guns.

Gate Breaker Mega Gargant
Creator: @Captain_Quiz

Gatebreaker Mega Gargant, Great Unclean one, Dead Walker Zombies, Walls & Fences, Man Crusher Gargant