Kharadron Overlords

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Arkanaut Company
Creator: @Dillon_kw

Orlock ganger body, weapons from freeguild pistoliers and flagellants

Custom Model:
Creator: @Christo62644188

Ambot body, Skyrigger fusion head, pistol and mines, green stuff cloak and bowler hat

KO Admiral
Endrinmaster body, Grundstock drill bill, mechanical legs (as stilts) and deck sweeper, skyrigger mines, Ogor barrel (on his back and not visible in image) and knuckle duster, Aelf dragon spikes (as beard adornement) and Green stuff cloak

Female Admiral
Creator: KIT
Ironweld Arsenal Cogsmith body, pistols from the Arkanaut Company and head/rear pack from the Orlock Wrecker kit

Custom Kharadron Overlords unit
Creator: @WarPumpkin88

Imperial guard sentinels, KO endrins, Endrinrigger weapons, Grundstock Thunderer bodies and weapons, Ogor gut plates and barrels, ironclad weapons chest, scrolls and sundries

Spectral Helmsman (Navigator)
Creator: KIT
Deadwalker Zombie with Cutlass from Deathrattle Skeletons, crow from Corvus Cabal


Spectral Ironclad
Creator: KIT
Ironclad with crew from the Deadwalker Zombies, treasure from the Fane of Slaanesh, assorted accessories mounted on Brass Rod

Bugmansson and Sleigh
Creator: KIT
Constructed from the Logan Grimnar sled model (Space Wolves 40k), The xmas limited edition Bugmansson model and the balloon from a Kharadron Gunhauler

Spectral Gunhauler
Creator: KIT
Gunhauler with Deadwalker Crew, vines and accessories from Sylvaneth Kits. Impaled on fallen tree from Killaboss on Vulture kit