Stormcast Eternals

The Stormcast are the Chosen Warriors of Azyr, mortal souls plucked from the mortal realm for acts of valur, defiance, heroism or Sigmars divine will to be torn asunder and reforged into his legions of lighting, flesh and Sigmarite wrought weaponry. Scalewise they fit alongside Space Marines and Primaris as heroic sized infantry, with your standard Stormcast model occupying a 40mm base they have a good structure to build characterful conversions from.

By sharing a size profile with Space marines your bits pool expands massively, there are interchangable parts with most Space Marine upgrade kits, and the new Thunderstrike hosts have the perfect wrist sized to accomodate Space Marine weaponry making sourcing fancy looking weapons all the easier.

With the sheer scope of the Mortal Realms you can be as divergent from the Hammers of Sigmar as you like and still find ways of tying the force back to Azyr, and in this you can create something truly unique

The Azyrite Host Conversion Components

Forgeworld Grey Slayer Upgrade Pack 1 (Shields with nordic runes, single handed axes, variety of more feral heads)
Forgeworld Imperial Fist Templar Brethern Upgrade Pack (Shields, Sword will need the power cable sliced away, Knightly heads)
Imperial Fist Legion Phalanx Warder Set (Axes and Shields)
Iron Golems (More appropriately sized less heroic weapons with an industrial feel)
Vanguard Hunter Axes + Brass Rods (Combine into Halberds)

Forgeworld Grey Slayer Upgrade Pack 1 (Shields with nordic runes, single handed axes, variety of more feral heads)
ld Stormcasr Eternal Head Pack 1 and 2 (Male or Female Stormcast bare heads)
Space Marine Primaris Reivers (Skull faced helms)

Sisters of Battle (Iconography, Tomes, Scrolls, Candles and Banners)
Night Haunt (Candles, Reliquaries)
Collegiate Arcane Battle Wizards (Burning weapons, Icons, Torches and Arcane instruments)

This list is always growing, if you know of the perfect kit to add for conversions why not suggest it here

The Nameless and Talon
Creator: KIT
Kits Used: Bastian Carthalos (Lord Commander) for Body/Arms/Weapon Haft
Weapon Blade, Banners and Gryphhound Helmet come from Kruleboyz Vulture
Gryphhound from Lord Imperatant
Head from White Scars Korr'sarro Khan

Creator: @xavmand12

-Scythe head, hourglass and skull with candles all from the Collegiate Arcane mystic battle wizard kit.
-Skull from the skull pack
-rest are parts from the evocator kit

Stormcast Eternal
Creator: @Greenstuffnglue

Stormcast, Wildwood Rangers,

Lord (Lady) Relictor
Modelled using Sisters of Battle Hospitalier with Lumineth Lantern and Liberator body on floor

Lord Arcanum
Modelled using one hero from the Sisters of Battle Triumph of St Kathrine with Iconography trimmed away

Creator: KIT
Converted from the Dominion Vindictors with Heads, Axes and Shields from the Forgeworld Grey Slayer Upgrade Kit

- Assemble Torsos and Legs following the Vindictor build guide, for those you want to replace with resin heads dont add in the suggested Stormcast head
- When working on the weapon arms simply cut the stormcast arm at the wrist using your plastic clippers to remove the spear, the resin Axe hand fits the wrist perfectly and attach with superglue.
- Shield is a straight swap out, no cutting needed simply attach the resin replacement.
- For those models using resin heads don't put in the Stormcast head, fill gap with Greenstuff and add Slayer head

Upgrade kit available here

Lord Celestant
Creator: KIT
Converted from Dominion Annihilator Prime, Grey Slayer Head, Logan Grimnar Axe, Iron Golems helmet holding hand and the cloak from Konrad Curze

Knight Vexillor
Creator: KIT
Converted from Dominion Vexillor with a Grey Slayer head and trinkets from Logan Grimnar

Lord Imperatant
Creator: KIT
Converted from Dominion Lord Imperatant with Logan Grimnar Head, Sword blade from Cypher Lords

Knight Arcanum
Creator: KIT
Converted from Dominion Arcanum with head from Scions of the Flame and Staff topper from Grey Slayers Upgrade kit

Creator: KIT
A simple headswap to give Yndrasta a helmet from the Vindictor Prime

Prosecutor Prime
Creator: @MrGlover_Glover

Easy to build prosecutor prime body, arms from paladin Retributor prime

Paladin Protector Prime
Creator: @MrGlover_Glover
Paladin protector prime, vanguard hunters torso, head, cloak, astral compass and axe

Creator: KIT
Converted from Dominion Praetor with a Greenstuff fur collar added

Creator: Liam at KIT
Converted using a shield from the Knights Excelsior upgrade pack originally meant for a liberator

Knight Incantor
Knight Incantor from Getting Started Package, Head and Flame from Flagellants, Hammer Head from Champions of Dreadfane Box, Shield from Celestial Warbringers Upgrade Kit

Creator: KIT
Crewmember and Quiver from the Stormstrike Chariot, rocks from the Lord Imperatant kit

Lord Aquillor on Stormstrike Chariot
Creator: KIT
Stormstrike Chariot
Lord Imperatant
Astral Compass + Hand from Vanguard Hunters
Spear from Vindictor
Forgeworld Stormcast Head

Knight Relictor
Converted from Dominion Knight Vexilor with incense burner and candles from the Adeptus Sororitas: Triumph of St Kathrine