The Sylvaneth represent the living forest armies of Alarielle, a veritable botanists dream (or nightmare) of lumbering tree (and possibly shrub) entities raised from Soulpods to become an army of nature. This organic, natural look of the army provides the perfect starting point to take inspiration from plants from our world in your conversion, able to explore some of the most bizarre and stunning creations of nature in our own world and put an Age of Sigmar spin onto it.

With the Realms each channelling unique forces of magic you can also explore what it means to be nature and to survive in each realm, from potentially blood sucking roots in Shyish to Carniverous people-traps in Ghur as the forest itself becomes predator. Each route you take allows you to then expand your army and look to ever more unique themes.

Channelling the organic nature of the army the right placemenet of branches or foliage and dramatically change the shape of a model, as shown Treelord Ancient from @zacgoldenhall below. These cosmentic changes bring a whole new life and vibrancy to a model a and flowing shape of the kit makes it very receptive to greenstuff without worrying about achieving hard edges.

The Forests of Alarielle Conversion Components

Citadel Skull Kit (Perfect for providing replacement heads for all sized of Sylvaneth units to increase the creepy factor)
Akhelian Guard (Provides helmeted heads and replacement weapons for Tree Revenants)
Blood Bowl Treeman Kit (Comes complete with Squirrel)

This list is always growing, if you know of the perfect kit to add for conversions why not suggest it

Kurnoth Hunters
Converted with heads from the Citadel Skulls kit

Tree Revenants
Converted with heads and weapons from the Akhelian Guard Eel rider kit

Creator: @Greenstuffnglue

Branchwych, with terrain and Dryad pieces.

Treelord Ancient
Creator: @zacgoldenhall

Treelord Ancient, Durthu's sword, Kurnoth hunters scythe, Sorceress on black dragon torso/head, Seafoam, Lots of pink flock

Wyldform Treelord
Creator: KIT
Converted from a Treelord reposed with brass rod and greenstuff with a replacement head coming from the Citadel Skulls kit

Treelord kit, reposed and with a few extra friends. The deer is from the Sisters of the Thorn kit. The rat is from a Skaven hero.

Treelord - Swamplord WIP
Creator: @greenstuffnglue

Treelord kit, plus Sisters of Slaughter weapons!

Alarielle on Great Stag
Creator: @greenstuffnglue

Alarielle, Tauralon & Fenrisian Wolves

Orion (Counts as Alarielle)
Creator: @greenstuffnglue

Magnus the Red, Thunderwolves, Treelord & Giant spares.

Mindstealer Sphiranx
Creator: @greenstuffnglue

Mindstealer, Alarielle's wings, Treelord branches

Mindstealer Sphiranx
Creator: @greenstuffnglue

Mindstealer, Prosecutor wings, High Elf White Lion Head

Druanti, Arch Revenant
Creator: @
Druanti and some sprites, the branch is a handle from a giant weapon.

Drycha Hamanid
Creator: @Heedpaint

Sylvaneth Drycha /Tyranid Tyrannofex

Zoanthropic Hunters
Creator: @Heedpaint

Kurnoth hunters and Zoanthropes

Warsong Revenant/GSC Magos
Creator: @Heedpaint

Warsong revenant, GSC magos, leg from tyranid tyrannofex

Tree Tyrant Ancient
Creator: @Heedpaint

Hive tyrant and tree lord

Durthu, The Spirit of the Hive
Creator: @Heedpaint

Hive Tyrant, tree lord