Warhammer 40,000: Killteam is returning with a completely rebuilt system from the ground up, and with this Games Workshop have released a stunning release trailer showcasing Death Korps of Krieg (Fan Favourite) vs Orks (Converters dream).

To mark this and to celebrate no doubt awesome sculpts on the way I will be planning to run a series focused on a group of hobbyists converting up highly personalised and unique Ork Warbands (Gangs, Road Waaaghriors, Mobs etc.) and Scenery to fight in a clash over the Gorkamorka nostalgia filled Mektown.

Culminating in a clash of the Waaghlords at Warhammer World


Over the course of several months players will assemble their Warband to set that periods targets, from Specialists, Leaders, Runts and Hangers on to fit the theme each presenting their own unique take on the theme and explaining how they converted their model.

Viewers will have a chance to learn how these models were converted, aswell as a bits list of components used to achieve the end result if they wanted to try something similar at home.

In the final weeks each player will construct a thematic piece of scenery for the Big Fight in Little Mektown clash, with the aim of it taking place over a series of Killteam games at Warhammer World to celebrate the project and crown the overal Waaghlord

Still from the Warhammer 40,000 Killteam Trailer

Taking Part

Closer to the release of the new Killteam Kitbashed will be looking for upto 5 participants (with the 6th being myself) who want to take part in the Waaghlords campaign with the following guidelines:

- Converter or willing to Convert
- Available to join the stream once every couple of weeks to update progress
- Able to photograph conversions to show them off to the community
- Buying their own models/terrain to convert (Kitbashed will not be providing, I am but a humble hobbyist)
- Ideally picking up the Killteam box to show off conversions from similar base models
- Willing and able to travel to Warhammer World for finale gaming campaign

If you have kitbashed or converted some Ork infantry why not share the work here!

If you have kitbashed or converted some Ork Vehicles/Walkers why not share the work here!

Suggestions of bits and kits for converting unique warbands

Suggestions of kits to use to remake Mektown in a modern way