Warhammer 40,000

As our Warhammer 40k conversion gallery grows each faction will eventually gain their own page, to hit this mark they require a minimum of 10 conversions for that faction!

Sororitas Cavalier
Creator: @Kabooski01

Horse from Celestial Hurricanum, horse bionics from Serberys mount, Seraphim Sororitas body, Sororitas squad upgrades and accessories, some parts from Deathwing terminators and a flail from a plague rat

Militia Grenadier
Creator: @Atlaswarped

Necromunda Van Saar head, Blood Bowl Naggaroth Nightmare body, Admech ruststalker arm and blade, Sydonian Dragoon sheathed gun

Catachan Platoon commander
Creator: @Paul_christie

Escher ganger and Reiver weapon

Demon Prince
Creator: FeralMulan

Cronos head, Ambot body, Cronos Spirit Shield, Talos arm, Skorpekh Lord claws, Vampire Lord horns

Serberys Raider
Creator: @speedfreek

Dark Eldar Jetbike, GSC biker, Knight exhaust, Valkyrie thrusters, Vanguard helmet, Tau torso…

Nurgle Daemon Prince
Creator: @Rictus40k

Mourngul, Jabberslythe Wings, Old GW Ruins

Grandmaster Dreadknight
Creator: KIT
Constructed from the Nemesis Dreadknight Model, Legs and Guns from the Forgeworld Custodes Telemon and head from a Heresy Era Nightlore

Drukhari Archon/Darkling Lord on Foot
Creator: Nixolotl

Head from Drukhari Wych, arm from Drukhari Hellion, other arm and legs from Drukhari Kabalite Warriors. Body from Dark Aelf Scourgerunner Chariot rider and dragon from inquisitor kyria draxus

Plaguehulk/Nurgle Soulgrinder
Creator: @Rictus40k

Soulgrinder, Defiler legs & chassis, Soulgrinder torso, Tyranid carnifex claw, Ping pong ball, Plague Drone head, Scale model cylinder, Lots of sprue off cuts, Styrene & GS

Creator: @Heedpaint

Yndrasta, weapons from eldar wraithguard kit, face, hawk and additional feathers from stormcast crossbow kit with hawks

Adepta sororitas seraphim
Creator: @Heedpaint

Stormcast vindictor bodies with Sisters heads, arms and wings

Creator: @dawfyddkelly
Sister Tariana Palos, Inferno Pistol, Cannoness Helmet, Repentia Superior backpack, Repentia Eviscorator

Wolf Scouts
Creator: @dawfyddkelly
Space Marine Scouts, Chaos Marauder Horsemen, Space Wolf Pack

Kroot Predator
Corvus Cabal body and accessories, Kroot Carnivore accessories, head and legs, Escher Wyld Runner Bow arms.

Adeptus Mechanicus Dominus
Belisarius Cawl, Tracked loader