Space Marines

Creator: @SanityPainting

Weapons and detailing from Finecast Grimaldus, core model is Lt Zakariah, head from Reivers, right shoulder pad from BT upgrade sprue

Grimaldus (Primaris)
Creator: @SanityPainting

Base model Primaris Chaplain, all resin detailing from Finecast Grimaldus, upper left arm from Assault Intercessors

Outrider Bike Squadron
Creator: @SanityPainting

Base kit Primaris Outriders, lances AoS Black Knights

Invader ATV
Creator: @SanityPainting

Base model GSC Achilles Ridgerunner, Onslaught Gatling Cannon and stowage from Repulsor, dish and cupola from SM vehicle detail sprue (shared across most Firstborn vehicles), BT insignia trimmed from Land Raider door on BT upgrade sprue, assorted purity seals, heavy bolt pistols from Assault Intercessors

Primaris Captain
Creator: @paul_christie

Uriel Ventris, space wolves sword and greenstuff

Creator: @Heedpaint

Sigvald the magnificent, blood angel primaris shoulder pads, skull from skull pack and primaris plasma pistol

Primaris Captain
Creator: @dawfyddkelly
Sgt Jovan - body, arms, backpack & base; Wolf Guard - head; Primaris Captain - cloak; Sternguard kit & Imperial Fist Upgrade - shoulderpads

Huntsmaster (1st company captain)
Creator: EldarExcellence

Sylas Beastbane, Eliminator backpack, Infiltrator knives, Carnifex head, Assault Tntercessor armgaurd, Intercessor pauldron, 3pp Head, Spear and Customised Pauldron

Creator: @dawfyddkelly
Phobos Librarian - body & backpack; Primaris Librarian - arms; Space Wolf Pack Kit - head & accouterments

Blade guard ancient
Creator: @paul_christie

Blade guard ancient, space wolves parts and Greenstuff

Space Marine Librarian Lexicanum
Creator: @dawfyddkelly
Blade Guard Veteran Body, Librarian Helmet, Phobos-Armour Librarian Arms, Primaris Librarian Pipes

Space Marine Codicier Librarian
Creator: @dawfyddkelly

Primaris Librarian (body, helmet, backpack), Firstborn Librarian Force Staff,

Space Marine Attack Bike
2x Space marine bikes, Redeemer Flame cannon, 30k Multi Melta, 4th ed terrain bits, GS, Plastic card, paper clips, guitar strings. smoke launchers.