A Project Begins

Converting a Ghurish Stormhost from Dominion

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Turning Vindictors into Ghurish Liberators
I've been excited to get my hands on Dominion for a while having seen the content creators work on the pre-release boxes. So an early morning run to Warhammer World secured my copy and having relocated and tidied my desk I could set to work.

My theme for the project is a Stormhost drawn from Ghur before their reforging and clinging to artefacts of that history to tether them between reforgings, so to this end I'm looking to integrate weaponry outside of the normal azyr forged kind that comes with the kits and iconography more Nordic aligned than Azyrite.

The carousel has the first 5 Vindictors converted, with their hand axes and shields they are far more the Liberator armament but utilise the fantastically detailed and refined sculpts of the Vindicor models.

The Bits
The heart of the conversion remains the Vindictors sprues from Dominion, they provide a great level of detail and more refined armour reflecting the newest generation of Stormcast sculpts. Excitingly they also have male and female options and a host of bare heads to further add character to the unit.

From this sprue we're using the following:
Some Heads
Weapon/Shield Arms (Not the Shield)

The Flavour kit for the conversion is the Forgeworld Horus Heresy Grey Slayers kit, as with much of the heresy range its packed with refined and crisp details that resin holds so well and provides a more feral Ghurish vibe which will become intrinsic to forming the characterful heart to my Stormhost.

From this kit we're using the following:
Resin Heads

The Build
- Assemble Torsos and Legs following the Vindictor build guide, for those you want to replace with resin heads dont add in the suggested Stormcast head
- When working on the weapon arms simply cut the stormcast arm at the wrist using your plastic clippers to remove the spear, the resin Axe hand fits the wrist perfectly and attach with superglue.
- Shield is a straight swap out, no cutting needed simply attach the resin replacement.
- For those models using resin heads don't put in the Stormcast head, fill gap with Greenstuff and add Slayer head

Champion of the Host

As this army will be the start of a Path to Glory force I wanted a unique looking hero that channeled the spirit of the host around him, for this reason the imposing stature of the Annihilators made them a natural choice for converted a hero from. The Prime from the unit has the benefit that the hand is not attached to his shield bearing arm making it more adaptable to a replacement and also has a very commanding pose.

Raiding the bits box (which is a little out of control) for the remaining bits I selected the axe from Logan Grimnar as being from the Space Wolf range sites well alongside the Greyslayer components on the Liberators. For the off hand I wanted something to reflect the trophy taking nature of the hunter host, so the Iron Golems donated a helmet carrying hand as a trophy.

Finally the Greyslayers had a shouting head that works for the concept of issueing commands, and Konrad Curze's cloak had been waiting for a perfect project to get to utilise it on.

The Bits
The Core of the model remains the Annihilator Prime, he has an intimidating pose that works well for hero models.
The Hammer arm and heft remain with the head clipped away. The Axe head is clipped form Logan Grimnars axe and glued as a replacement
The neck join is filled with greenstuff to build it up for the replacement Grey Slayer head.
The left hand holding a helmet is from the Iron Golems kit
Finally the cape comes from the Konrad Curze kit, slimmed down at the join with a hobby knife before attacking.