Painting the Stormhost

I had a rough concept in mind for my paint scheme that I mulled one whilst at work before getting home ready to hit the ground running, a brief stop off at Warhammer Friar Lane (Nottingham) to stock up on new paints including the Runelord Brass spray I was good to go and experiment on the models.

Unsurprisingly the Runelord brass was to form the heart of the paintscheme, forming the sprayed base coat for the model it is a very soft and light metallic that provides a strong base to shade down from. My original plan was to underspray the model using my airbrush with Cygor brown, providing deep recess shadows in a manner I had done previously on my Duardin. However after a few attempts I had to admit I had knackered my airbrushes and should likely have invested in a higher quality tool.

With the Airbrushes out of the question the scheme was quickly revised (and the models that got splattered by malfunctioning airbrushes cleaned up), instead opting to give the model an all over shade with Agrax Earthshade Gloss, taking time to ensure it didnt pool into recesses or flood details as these models are remarkably crisp.

Giving that ample time to dry the now shaded model is drybryshed with Canoptek Alloy to really bring up those sharp edges and defined details that makes the Dominion Stormcast such winning models.

With the metallics highliighted by the drybrush Corvus Black is used to pick out hard surfaces and fabrics to break up the metals, these include the back of the legs, shoulderpads, under armour, banners and inner shields. Next the weapon hafts, belts pouches and all leatherwork was picked out using the new Thondia Brown base paint, once again helping to tone down the metal glare of the model and provide ample shape to the scheme.

Moving to highlighting the black areas were highlighted with Dark Reaper, and the browns with Steel Legion Drab.

Finally the gems on the shield and axe blades were painted with Wraithbone before giving a layer of contrast Guilleman blue to give blue metal effects to the weaponry.

The Paintscheme Breakdown

Runelord Brass
Shade Agrax Earthshade
Drybrush Canoptek Alloy

Corvus Black
Highlight Dark Reaper
Shade Nuln Oil

Leathers and Weapon Hafts
Thondia Brown
Shade Nuln Oil

Gems and Weapon Blades
Guilleman Blue Contrast

Based on clean bases and Sealed with Munitorum Varnish