Yndrasa and Annihilators


Probably the most striking model within the Dominion boxes set Yndrasta is entirely unlike any other Stormcast hero with her angellic wings and defined aura without sprouting too many superflous details that might muddy an otherwise sleek and refined sculpt. Even the weapons seem scaled appropriately and avoid a dalliance into grandeous Heroic scales that plagued the early Stormcast kits. She is every inch the Hunter for Sigmar taking down the most fearsome and volatile foes across the land and her scenic basing ensures you will see her as a centrepiece on battlefields even as she goes head to head with far larger monster models.

The kit was easy enough to put together, with very clear instructions and perfectly sculpted to fit push fit components it wasnt too long a project and no components were damaged in the process of the build

Conversions here are simple (yet to my mind effective) with the first being simply to leave off the front wall of the staircase she is posing on. This allows me to select a suitably gruesome creature of the realms to have cowering the in shadowed recess beneath her either to wait for the Huntress to pass or perhaps planning an ill fated attempt at an ambush. This little detail should hopefully give the realms a more lived in feel, adding life to the base in addition to the ruins.

Secondly and perhaps more importantly was the headswap, I have a love/hate relationship with seeing named characters on the table as we narratively hit the point of overload where the same hero turns up in every realm and every major battle. To combat this by adding a helmet I can ensure that whilst she is clearly "A" Huntress of Sigmar she may not be the same as "THE" Huntress of Sigmar providing a degree of narrative individuality and lessening the blow that all of the coolest sculpts are unique.


Since my first Annihilator prime was converted into a new Hero for my Stormhost (Checkout the first part of the project log for his model) I didnt have a complete unit of Annihilators for my force which as these are beautiful sculpts simply wasnt going to do.

A brief trip to ebay later and three more Annihilators were winging their way toward me. The models are robust and relatively easy to put together with just the shoulder seams to watch out for when really pushing those pegs in to secure them. Similarly the shields take a degree of ooomph to pin to the arm and should be done only when you're confident you arent about to fire the rest of the model apart.

The shields themselves are a beautiful example of modern plastic sculpting, they have crisp details on the lighting crack effect across the textured surface along with strong raised details for the iconography which really come out well in the painting.

Kitbashes here were minimal, infact the only one done (Headswap on right hand Annihilator) was one of neccessity as the original head flew away into oblivion never to be seen again.

I'm so fond of these sculpts that when the full Annihilator kit releases I will be grabbing a couple of boxes to turn into Annihilator sized Protectors to continue my dream of an all modern sculpt Stormcast army.