Design Blog:
The Warscrolls


When designing the Hobgrots subsection of the Malevolent Sellswords it was important to me to have them bring a degree of uniformity and stability to a faction that will include a broad and diverse range of mercenaries.

To this end the Warscrolls will focus on a militaristic, opportunistic Hobgrot emodiment, Legionnaires marching in rank and file with crude armour, shields and spears whilst Slittas harasss a foe. Their lack of personal magic is a chance to try new mechanics to bring wizards to the fore as captured weapons of battle...


LEADER - 140 Points

Hobgrots are not the largest nor most intimidating of creatures, their spite and ego far outweighing their physical forms, to this end the Centurions of the Malevolent Sellswords make sure they have a more robust bodyguard to enforce their will on the field of battle. Many bring with them tortured Slave ogors, brutally beaten and weaponised loyal only to the Centurion that they call master. Atop these lumbering bodyguards rise Snotling Squires armed with stolen Duardin weaponry.

The Centurions themselves have the wealth to bring Oathbreaker weaponry to the field of battle, though crude in design than any they would field themselves the Hobgrotz prize such cast offs as worth their weight in gold. This allows them to keep hordes at bay, cremating any who would dare step to them.


LEADER - 70 Points

Rather than start with the biggest or most monstrous heros avaiable to the Hobgrots I wanted to start with minor hero that reflects some of the personality flaws of their superiors. The Slaver Kaptains dress in horrific masks and wild garb to mimick the daemons summoned by mighty Chaos Lords, it is through their presence that their Warlords claim daemons of their own, building the legend of their employer upon the field of battle.

Slavers by trade the captains main strengths on the battlefield are their abilities to marshal the legions of Hobgrotz to common purpose, echoing the commands of mightier warlords. In combat they seek to hold foes at bay with their Bident Stikkas whilst bringing numbers to bear to win the fight.


LEADER - 165 Points

Every Hobgrot is a maelstrom of destruction energies and malice, their appetites favour cruelty and suffering of others and for Paymasters a mean greedy streak runs all the way to the core. Their forms are bloated from years of over eating as their vicelike grip over the gold of the host often eases when coins stray toward their own pocket. Still the Warlords are content to allow their Paymasters their excesses, the more decadent a Paymaster the more reflected wealth the host must hold.

Carried to battle by Sloggoths struggling under the weight of the Tolltakers and their gold hordes these Hobgrots are attended by some unfortunate Snotlings tasks with attending their every need and excess. Their beady eyes judging every mercenary who stakes claim to their gold, docking wages from those who fail to meet the exacting standards needed to part the greedy tolltaker from their unearnt wealth.


BATTLELINE - 100 Points

The first warscroll to cement the role of Hobgrots as the backbone of the Malevolent Sellswords army is a more military unit compared to the existing Hobgrot Slittas (See Battletome: Orruk Warclans).

The Legionnaires march to battle clad in their scrap metal plate bearing shields from their employers to provide a more robust militaristic unit, their slitta daggers replaced with Legionnaire stikkas, crude spears produced enmassed by Oathbreaker forges to cater to the swelling ranks of the Hobgrots.


BATTLELINE - 100 Points

Making minimal changes to the Hobgrot Slittaz as they are an official unit from another faction, within the Malevolent Sellswords allegiance they gain a points increase reflecting the fact they now benefit from their factional allegiance abilities in a way they wouldnt within a Kruleboyz allegiance.



Rather than regimented archers the Hobgrot Skirmishers form both harassment and damage in role, bringing a weight of shooting for a comparatively low cost and able to spread out in a more thematic depiction of Skirmishing on the field of battle. The Fill em with Barbs ability provides a boost to shooting in the shooting phase but comes at the cost of unleash hell in your opponents turns making it a tactical choice rather than auto use.



With an armywide movement of just 5 inches the Hobgrots are not the speediest armies on the field of battle, to this end the Sappers fill a vital role within the army allowing you to see the battlefield with hidden under tunnels to bring up Hobgrots where they are needed most. Turning terrain deadly is a secondary benefit to allowing the Sappers to bring a second unit with them in their forward deployment.

Incendiary Boars as part of the unit allow a decent mortal wound output once per battle, igniting the poor boars and sending them running squeeling into a nearby unit sacrifices their melee attack for the rest of the game.



My design philosophy for the Hobgrotz elements in this army is set on the concept that they are irredeemably evil, power hungry, resentful little **** that covet power wherever they see it. And as a group are entirely devoid of the Arcane resonance needed to channel the raw destructive power of magic. Since they lack that essense its presence in others fills them with bitter jealousy, a jealousy that leads to the torture and enslavement of those possessing arcane potential.

To show this on the battlefield the Eyez of Vulcatrix consists of a single chained wizard and two Hobgrot Minders tasked with ensuring their wards destructive potential is facing in the right direction. Captured wizards are forced to stare into a broken shard of Vulcatrix beyond the Iron Gate, in doing so the smallest slither of her destructive power becomes locked and entwined with the arcane resonance behind the wizards eyes. From then on they are robbed of the beauty of the world, blind to all around them save the searing light of Vulcatrix. Whenever their eyelids open a burning torrent of her majestic destruction pours forth, scorching the Realms in her memory.

As a very unwilling participant in the whole endevour the Wizard in this unit is not a hero, presenting a magical unit almost in the same vein as artillery or warmachine but very much able to cast spells. between the Agonising Encouragement rule and the Arcane Sight spell it is possible to get this very fragile until to deliver some blistering attack before it perishes.