Unofficial Battletome: The Abyssal Fleet A5 Edition
Designed for AOS 3.0

An A5 Gaming Battletome depicting the cursed souls of the damned amidsts the Pirate Fleets of the realms. Bringing spectral vessels and undeed buckaneers to the Mortal Realms with a bang as they seek to settle their debt to the Ferryman with stolen souls

  • New Undead Faction of Pirates

  • Infamy Rules

  • Unique Allegiance abilities

  • Unique army structure

  • Full faction Path to Glory Rules

Road to Ruin: Path to Glory Battle Diary
Designed for AOS 3.0

Designed for those planning to run extended Path to Glory campaign this Battle Diary provides an expandable battle roster to track your units, territories and more as well as a battle tracker to record your victories and defeats as you forge a narrative

  • Path to Glory Summary

  • Order of Battle

  • Advanced Path to Glory Rules

  • Battle Tracker

Path to Tourney: Matched Play Battle Diary
Designed for AOS 3.0

Designed for those looking to hone their Matched Play list this diary allows you to record your army list and track its progress through every Battleround of 5 games and store upto 4 lists (for 20 games total). Keep track of Battle Tactics achieved, how each battle fares to hone your tactics and understand your playstyle

  • Record upto 4 lists

  • Track 20 Game results

  • Turn by Turn points tracking

Unofficial Battletome: Empires of Industry
Designed for AOS 2.0

A complete battletome with narrative lore to reflect more industrial Cities within the Mortal Realms, not only allowing you to create and run a mysterious Midnight City army, but to bring any of the Cities of Sigmar cities into a more industrious future.

  • New Warscrolls

  • Cogfort Rules

  • Unique Allegiance abilities

  • Enticing Lore

Unofficial Supplement: World Titan
Designed for AOS 2.0

An expansion and campaign system for the Sons of Behemat battletome to allow more customisation including creating your own Gargant lineage on the tabletop.

  • Custom Gargant Lineages

  • New Artefacts and Abilities

Path to Glory: Widows Way


A 5 page expansion to the Path to Glory system including key features for playing a narrative and immersive campaign with your gaming group including:

- Expanded narrative injury system for Heroes
- Revised Casualty mechanics including new features for DEATH armies
- New Path to Glory Cohort Batallions
- Active Territory mechanics to bring your owned territories to the tabletop
- New Quest Mechanics

Path to Glory: Dawnbreaker


An event pack for running a Team Path to Glory event (24 Players across 6 teams)

- Expanded narrative injury system for Heroes
- Team Territory Mechanics
- Defending Territory Rules
- Scoring Mechanic and Warcouncil format to plan attacks

Path to Glory: Eightpoints


Early ideas for mating the Anvil of Apothesis with the Path to Glory system to bring new narrative options for running armies in the Eightpoints formed from Chaotic tribes seeking to make war on a grander scale than Warcry.

Early stage concept with feedback welcome.

Path to Glory: Age of Unification


Early ideas for adapting the Path to Glory system to depict the forces used in the Unification Wars era of the Warhammer 40,000 lore, fighting in tribes of technobarbarians over a broken Terra

Downloadable Battle Roster

Revised Battle Roster for compiling your path to glory forces for your campaigns.

Easy Print Format