Path To Glory: Eightpoints

The Idea
Today I have been musing around the idea of mating the Anvil of Apothesis system with the new Path to Glory system to create a uniquely narrative gaming experience where units can notably progress, change and evolve beyond simple Veteran abilities when playing a Path to Glory Campaign.

As with all narratives the actual story behind it is as important as the rules that follow, so finding that location and theme to inspire the units and therefore rules came down to looking at the Warcry setting of the Eight Points, chaos ravaged wastelands around Archaons Varanspire give plenty of scope for raising armies beyond warbands, and the kits that form the Warcry warband would make the ideal basis for converters to really get their teeth into.

For this rules writing project the aims were as follows:
One base unit Roster for ALL FACTIONS that will take part
Individualised Allegiance ability depending on which warband you are inspired by
Unit Progression, able to truly take that ragtag band of hunters to horse mounted ravagers over the course of the campaign
Heroic Progression
Glory is... Glorious. More meaningful and impactful uses of Glory

The Base Warscroll

So knowing my setting, the wastelands around the Eightpoints I can start exploring how the base unit, this is your bread and butter of the Path to Glory tribes would look.

As your chosen Warband will add the flavour we're starting with a very average unit here, a melee profile and one to reflect slings, javalins, darts etc getting flung at the foe. Little more than hunters who have been called to war.

Often there is the very real risk that your starting units simply fade away as campaign progress, so there needs to be a reason to keep that flow of fresh blood coming into the tribes.

This will allow us to keep creating stories, to have an every flowing narrative roster of units each with their own tales to tell on the battlefield.

The units start out pretty basic, reckless and youthful on the battlefield untested by war. So lets put on abilities that reflect that and give you a reason to have non-veteran units still appearing in your army

As your unit progresses, maybe you've unlocked a veteran ability or two but you want to see their prestige begin to grow. You'd maybe want to convert them with armour being draped over them or new furs. Perhaps their weaponry gets sharpened or you want to award them steeds to reflect their newfound heroism.

Each Advancement is only a suggestion for how it is modelled, perhaps for your Scions of the Flame inspired army their armour is leathery skin hardned by the heat, or your Tarantulos army ride spiders not steeds onto the battlefield.

Every advancement moves that unit one step closer to its own unique force on the field of battle, whilst maintaining the reknown and casualty score your have acrued in your Path to Glory

Further building into your customisation, if you are running an army theme where the idea of a horse mount doesnt reflect your vision, by selecting a Divergent Mount instead you gain 2 Mount traits instead of 1. This could be used to turn that horse profile into a venemous spider by giving it a Poisoned Bite, or a feline mount with a leaping pounce. Each gives a player unique modelling opportunities to further cement their narrative.

So now we can see how an army could become personalised, but perhaps there is something lacking in flavour that makes a players Tarantulos army feel different on the battlefield to anothers Scions of the Flame. This will be countered in two ways, through Armywide Tribal Traits that reflect the narrative of the force you have drawn your army from, a unique quests to unlock units respective to that tribes (Tarantulos gaining Skitterstrand Arachnaroks for example)

Some early ideas on how the Tribal Traits could shape your army are below:

Iron Golems
Masters of Metal: Units with this special rule may add 1 to Save Rolls

Corvus Cabal
Crashing Descent: +1 to Wound Rolls if this unit has made a Charge move in the same turn.

Scions of the Flame
Heat Haze: -1 to Hit for Enemy units targetting a unit with this special rule in the Shooting Phase

Untamed Beasts
Savage Frenzy: Units with this special rule may attempt to Charge even if they have made a Run move in the same turn

Wall Climbers: Units with this special rule may move across terrain as though they could Fly