Coming Soon the KITBASHED Contenders Hobby Challenge

Over the coming months I will be finally starting the long awaited Kitbashing Stream and setting 5 talented Hobbyists a 1 month challenge.

Each will recieve 1 sprue from the same Warhammer 40,000 or Warhammer Age of Sigmar kit and be tasked with using it alongside their bits box and hobby expertise to craft an impressive, cohesive, and visually stunning new gaming model.

Soon the competition will be open to applicants willing to recieve the first wave of Kitbashed Contenders entrant packs, the guidelines to take part are below:

  • Each Entrant will have 1 month to Convert a new gaming model using the provided sprue and their own bits box

  • Each Entrant must be willing to feature in a Hobbyist Interview on the channel, introducing themselves along with various kitbashes or conversions they have completed in the past

  • All work must be that of the competing Hobbyist, you may use your bits box but not outside Hobbyists help

  • Hobbyists must refrain from sharing their final piece until after the finale show, but may share works in progress.

  • The final model must be on a 25, 28, 32, 40, 50 or 60mm round base as a gaming model (No Dioramas)

  • Viewers can keep up with the competition on the Stream, watch the Hobbyist interviews, meet the judges, review the kits involved and see status updates throughout.

  • The Final judging will be rated on Theme, Execution and Creativity


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Aside from the acclaim of being the first Kitbashed Contenders Champion the winner will also recieve one personality Kitbashed T-shirt, to be worn with pride as a tried and tested Kitbasher!