Path to Glory Battle Roster

Torrda Morr, The Slow Death

The forerunner of the host Torrda Morr lurks high in the clouds of Shyish with his piercing gaze spying lost battlefields strewn with death and plunder. His vultures screech summons the scavengers to their new prize as he maintains watchful gaze.

Warscroll: Killaboss on Corpserippa Vulcha
Mount Trait: Fast Un
Artefact of Power: Arcane Tome
Command Trait: Master Ambusher (Supa Sneaky)
Spell: The Shadow of Death

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Sola Lacrima, The Lonely Tear

The Lonely Tear is tasked with administering the final rites to those found beyond aid on the field of battle, taking from them their final tear and seeing their soul to peace.

Warscroll: Killaboss and Stabgrot
Artefact of Power: Amulet of Destiny
Command Trait:

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The Eyeplucker Cohort

There is no glory to have had for those who walk in the shadow of the Raven, instead they seek sustenance and arms upon the fields of long forgotten battlefields. Plucking form the dead that which can no longer serve them in the afterlife that the living might make use of it once more.

Warscroll: Gutrippas
Veteran Ability: Disciplined Battle-drill

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Shyishian Shadewalkers

Take care walking through the valleys of death, for not all that rest here do so idly. The Shadewalkers pick their paths with great care, weaving through the afterlives with great reverance to those already interred within. Should any dare desecrate such places within their sight a withering volley from their bows put an end to it swiftly.

Warscroll: Manskewer Boltboyz
Veteran Ability: Deadly Volley

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Carrion Crawler

Death comes to those who remain still, the Morrda Host know this well. With every passing day the Legions of `Nagash flood the new underworlds that open seeking conquest in his name, it is only by moving ever onwards that the host can evade their endless number. The Carrion Crawler Sloggoths drawn from their battlefield homes where they feast on rotting flesh form the mobile caravans of the host bearing their salvage onwards.

Warscroll: Marshcrawla Sloggoth
Veteran Ability: