Custom Rules

Unofficial Battletome: Empires of Industry

A complete battletome with narrative lore to reflect more industrial Cities within the Mortal Realms, not only allowing you to create and run a mysterious Midnight City army, but to bring any of the Cities of Sigmar cities into a more industrious future.

  • New Warscrolls

  • Cogfort Rules

  • Unique Allegiance abilities

  • Enticing Lore

Unofficial Supplement: World Titan

An expansion and campaign system for the Sons of Behemat battletome to allow more customisation including creating your own Gargant lineage on the tabletop.

  • Custom Gargant Lineages

  • New Artefacts and Abilities

Unofficial WIP Battletome: Abyssal Fleet

Warscrolls and allegiance abilities for bringing the tides of the sea to the battlefield with Raised Ships and Undead Pirates for the Abyssal fleet.

  • Custom Infamy System

  • Unique army buidling options as each ship brings its own crew

  • Factional Terrain

  • Innovative Command Abilities