Outcasts - Week 1

In that years that followed the fall of Beaconhill and our desperate escape through the Realmgate we have eeked out some passing measure of life amidsts the dirt and dust of this forgotten valley. Here nestled in the West Plateau we found the Shrine of Sigmar, a shining beacon of hope that has endured the long centuries that even now it might hold us together when all others seems to have abandoned us.

It is here we made our camp, that in time grew into a village around its radiance, yet we have been forbidden from drawing upon its life giving waters to sustain us left we incurr the wrath of a god that has delivered us from darkness. Instead our people have been forced to dredge what watery filth they can from the mountain, though its sickness has spread time and again through an increasingly feeble populace.

What little there is to hunt around the plateau is all but exhausted, now we have little choice but to depend on the pilgrims and traders who make infrequent trips to the shrine to barter the last trinkets we have remaining for enough food to survive another blasted night.

Even now our scouts and Stormcast guardians probe the secrets of the Valley of the Ironking for signs of what future could await us, though its immensity could take many lifetimes to truly behold much less understand, and I fear we will not last out the season.

Now then is the time for action...


This place has been our salvation, in the first days after the fall of the Shadowmarsh it was our deliverance, it was here that last vestiges of our once great city banded together through our faith in the will of Sigmar.

Here our guardians came to us, the last of the Stormcast of Beaconhill to provide wardens over our refuge, here we made contact with the traders of the Valley of the Ironking.

We must redouble our prayer, let not doubt creep into our thoughts, for if we waiver now and abandon the Shrine of Sigmar we have lost all that made us whole.

Faith, Hope, Always.


Blind faith drew us to this place, and faith alone cannot sustain us. The Shrine holds the precious water of life that could revitalise this land and provide food for the coming months, yet whilst it stands none would dare rob Sigmar of his prize.

The Shrine must fall, and with it the blind superstistion that led us to the precipice of starvation that we might move forward into a new day of logic and reason.

We could forge new farmsteads, use the flow of water to power mills, for this a slight of the gods is a minor inconvinience

Food, not faith will sustain us.

Logic, not fanatacism will show us the path.

Strategy, not hope will deliver us.


There are whispers from the mountains, promises from the immortal kings who still hold kingdom in the Shadow of their Depths. Time and again our Stormcast protectors have rebuffed their offer of aid, though was it not Sigmar himself who made treaty with the Great Necromancer in his time of need.

Are we now not in our time of need? All they seek is the ailing and ther seek to sate their thirst and in return we gain refuge and sustenance they have no need for. Are we not already pawns of the hand of Sigmar, are those that bid us not to heed the word of the Vampire not themselves immortal pawns of a distant god?

We must turn now from the Light of Sigmar, and walk willingly into the Shadow once more with our eyes wide open. Loyalty is for those with a choice, Survival is our way…


The traders claimed to offer us all they could to feed our ailing populace yet with every passing season the meats were these much lessened and the bread so much more stale. Only a fool would believe that such peoples, themselves so well fed and hearty were struggling as much as we.

We have seen there eyes as they walk the settlements waiting for the last resolve to leave us that they might profiteer from the relics of the Shadowmarsh as they seek to sooth our fears with nought but honeyed words.

I say we strike out, whilst the strength remains in us to fight for our right to exist in the Valley of the Ironking, too many times have we suffered at the hands of those more willing to take up the blade.

We do this for ourr survival, we take what is rightfully ours from the traders of the valley lest they seek to do the same to us!

After a hard fought week that resulted in a two way tie victory is narrowly handed to the those who seek the comfort and safety of the Vampiric kingdoms. Find out what this means for the survivors of the Shadowmarsh and the future of the Valley of the Ironking in week 2