Outcasts - Week 2

As the bitter bit of the Pyrefrost began to settle across the broken earth of the Valley dissent spread like wildfire across the encampment of the survivors. They had waited in this blighted place for fear of Sigmar retribution for too long, as their weak perished to the burning cold, and their crops curled up and died all traces of hope seemed to slip away.

Where their Guardians bade them patience, the messengers of the Depths came forth and offered aid.
Where their Guardians ignored their suffering, the Lords of the Depths offered salve to injury.
Where their Guardians offered only stale bread, the Ragnii Empresss sent caravans of meats to greet those who swore fealty.

And so it came to pass that as the Stormcast returned from their excursions deeper into the Valley of the Ironing in search of supplies they found the camps abandoned. The winds tearing through empty shelters as the remenants of hastily packed possessions blew across the unforgiving landscape.

Perhaps the survivors offered one last longing glance to the skies hoping for sight of blesseed Azyr before they marched beneath the blackened archway of the Mouth of the Mountain under the watchful gaze of the Ragnii Stewards.

Beneath the mountain the Kingdom of the Ragnii forms an immense sprawl of vaulted halls and exquisitely carved masonry that runs so deep into the mountain that Shadow itself seems to form the final wall. The pallid servants of their vampiric masters shuffle beneath flickering torchlight as they forge the arms and armament to as of yet unseen legions of the dead. Such beauty is ever marred by the reminder of those who lurk above, high in the darkness of the vaults ceilings the sound of the many legged lords chatters against the stone, and the once life giving aqueducts running the length of the vault flow crimson.

Nothing in the Realms comes for free, and in time even the survivors must prove their use to their new Empress lest they become littl;e more that stock for the larder....


Whilst the Masters turn their eyes to expanding their reach in the dead of night, many amongst the survivors smuggle out their Azyrite tokens to offer prayer to Sigmar for salvation

. Ever mapping the depths of the Kingdom that should aid ever come they could lend their knowledge to the Angels of Azyr and route the undead from this Kingdom.

Should the Dawn come, there are those among the survivors who stand ready to ensure it scorches all taint from the depths.

Azyr, Hope, Always.


Blood is currency in the depths of the Ragnii, and whilst ours remains viable we will ever be at risk of becoming a feature of their next decadent banquet. They say that the priests of Morrda know of a way to taint the blood, that its life giving energies no longer sate the first of those parasites who would consume it.

We comprimised to enter the Kingdom of Shadow, we must evolve to endure it.

Taint the Blood and rob the masters their meal....


It is weakness that held us back in the Shadowmarsh, even as we spent our strength protecting those who could not carve our future out our enemies discarded their weakness and won the day.

If we are to survive we must carve the humanity out of us, let the masters feed on the ailing and the weak, let only the strongest survive the night.

Let our legions rise anew, all those weak in life shall serve the Night in death. Let them march as the Deadwalkers as servants of the Ragnii that we might live as lords on the Valley of the Ironking.

Sacrafice the Weak, Ascend the Night


We will form a new Empire of Blood and fill this once glorious valley with a crimson sea upon which to raise our dreams. Let forth the Legion, that all those who refused us aid when we needed it most might perish beneath ironshod boot.

First we look to the spires who refused us refuge, and then we bring war upon the gates of the Ironking himself that all who know of this land know only that the Shadowmarsh was born anew amidsts the corpses of those too ignorant to offer them aid.

War comes to all, better we land the first blow.

In another close run week we found ourselves tied between FAITH and WAR, entering a sudden death mode where the next submission would take it War has now pushed forward into winning week 2 and moving us into a far more martial future for the region

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