The Dawnbreaker Pioneers

A New Frontier

As the Dawnbringer Crusades start to march forth with heavy shod boot and pompous ceramony from the many gated Cities of Sigmar, a veritable tidal wave of "Culture" and "Civilization" seeking to forth their own empires across the wilds of the Realms they do not do so blindly.

Far ahead of the noisesome hosts of Sigmars Dawnbringers the Dawnbreakers move with softer step and lighter touch. Their numbers drawn from frontiersmen, explorers, scouts and pioneers the Realms over each bringing unique talents to move amongst the Realms leaving only the traces of their passing that they have willed to do so.

The task of the Dawnbreakers is a simple one, to scout the lands ahead of the hosts to find safe passage, map resources vital to the ongoing campaigns of the Dawnbringers and forge alliances with the cultures of the realms that could be benefitial to the aims of the God King.

Cultures of the Realms

There are many civilizations and tribes witin the greater Realms that excel in the wilds, to them these are not lands of rampaging beasts to be brought to heel but a wonderous land to explore and walk amongst. There is no joy to the Dawnbreakers in the idea of settling in a city with cagelike walls at the end of their journey, instead they long to forge ever forwards to see the magic of the Realms and fill their lifetimes with it.

Drawn from the many cultures a Dawnbreaker cohort is far less an army than a group of likeminded souls, below are some of the manyfold cultures known to move as Dawnbreakers of Sigmar:

The Morrda Hosts of Shyish - Grim and Pragmatic nomads these Dawnbreakers believe the end of days has come, seeking only to survive and fill their final hours with the depths of te realms.

The Sandstriders of Aqshy - Reknown for the vibrancy and passion the Sandstriders embody the Aqshyian spirit of burning bright in life and long in the memory, their herbologists gather the most vibrant and potent herbs as they travel ever pushing forward the botanical sciences of the Realms.

The Grey Tribes of Ulgu - Survival for the Grey Tribes has always centred on movement, they walk in the land between Shadow and Light leaving no trace of their passing. Reknown scouts across the Realms and favoured folk of the Midnigt City they have only recently begun to work with the Azryites.

The Forestfolk of Ghyran - There are few whom the Sylvaneth tolerate long in their presence, truly the tribes of man can never leave nature well enough alone if presented with it for more than fleeting moments. The Forestfolk however have long endeared themselves to the Trees of Ghyran, eshewing the convention of home and wall for the safety of the boughs of the forest.

Diplomats and Envoys

The immensity of the Dawnbringer crusades, numbering in the tens of thousands of soldiers and entourage bearing an arsenal to rival that of empires does endear them to the manyfold cultures that lay in their path.

Instead it falls to the Dawnbreakers to stand in fewer number and quieter voice, preparing their allies for what is to come and change the perception of the host from conquerers to a passing friend simply seeking passage through the lands of others.

Such a task is an uneasy one, many of the peoples of the Realms have experienced such armed legions claiming innocence even as they butcher and pillage their path through the realms. Sigmar himself does not stand innocent of such claims, to his forces those who stood alone in the realms were for a time indistinguishable from the servants of Chaos and the scars left in such first meeting have yet to heal.

Truly then the task of the Dawnbreakers is not an enviable one, yet they can forge bonds deeper than the Dawnbringers could understand, integrating into the many cultures of the Realms with true revenance for the traditions of those they encounter.

New Creatures

Much like the Dawnbreakers themselves the creatures that make up the bestiary of the Pioneers are willful and wild, largely ill suited for the rigerous structure and order of the Dawnbringers and the walled Cities of Sigmar.

Each of the cultures in the Dawnbreaker Cohort bring their own unique flair to how they explore the realms, amongst the the Black Death Hornet riders of the forest folk.

These immense insects boast a ebony black Chitin armour and immense wings to bear forth their rider. Docile unless threatened they are fiercely protective of their swarm and hive, with many in the Dawnbreakers marking their cloaks with pheramones to mark themselves as part of the Swarm itself. When the Swarm is threatened the Hornets are relentless, ripping all who threaten their wards asunder and using the still warm corpses to feed their yong and grow their numbers