Unofficial Battletome: Empires of Industry
Designed for AOS 2.0

A complete battletome with narrative lore to reflect more industrial Cities within the Mortal Realms, not only allowing you to create and run a mysterious Midnight City army, but to bring any of the Cities of Sigmar cities into a more industrious future.

  • New Warscrolls

  • Cogfort Rules

  • Unique Allegiance abilities

  • Enticing Lore

The Midnight City posited the question, what if there were cities in the Realms that survived the Age of Chaos not through benefitial deity but through the ingenuity and innovation of its populace. Hidden way in the veiled peaks of Ulgu Midnight is a city founded in ages long since past by Engineers and Nobles from across the realms, where they could create and innovate without dependance (or Oversight) of the Gods.

Long thought to be destroyed, their laboured continued beneath the facade of a ruined city in their expansive Under-Workshops, a hidden city unto itself beneath the ruins of the old one...