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Through all my hobby projects related to the Age of Sigmar universe I always find myself drawn back to those centred around flawed Human Cultures. There is a nuance able to be explored in the more relatable human mindset framed in a fantastical universe, and whilst the "evil for the sake of evil" Chaos holds little appeal I do find the shades of grey worth exploring.

The Morrda Host is centred around the concept of Human scavengers, those who believe that the world ended at the invasion of Chaos and now all that remain are simple echoes living their lives past the end of the book. Working on lore filling out for my Human scavengers concept, contorting Morrda (The Raven God of Death) and the group name for crowds Murder, to tie the two together into a crow like scavenger aspect passing from underworld to underworld under the watchful eye of the crow. Outsiders who hear of their progress often misinterpret it to be a chaos warband, and give a wide berth mishearing Morrda host as the Murder Host, a concept too often affiliated with Khorne worshippers rather than the apocalyptic survivor camps of the Morrda Host scavengers.

The absolute desolation of the underworlds, the pouring of souls flooding in from distance battlefield and the growing storm from Chamon all cement the groups belief that the end has come and gone, now all that remains is survival. Picking clean the corpse of the world. With every new faith, new culture a new underworld is born. All the Morrda Host now know of the greater realms is walking among the ghosts of those who perish, ever walking into the storm of misery that floods Shyish. How much grief can one soul bear before it breaks.


Digital Kitbashing

Before committing to some of my more conversion centric projects these days I first attempt to create a visual representation of concept by combining photo elements from the Games Workshop site to get a good idea of how the conversion could turn out.

See the Morrda Host plans....