Unification Wars

For centuries in the Age of Strife humanity has found itself cut off, isolated from the greater galactic empire it once lay claim to. In these testing times rather than come together for the good of Terra its populace have descended into bitter rivalry as they consume one another for what precious land and resources can be scoured from the homeworld.

As genecrafting and radioative fallous from bitter conflicts pushes the species to the extremes, psykers become more commonplace be they willing or enslaves to the armies with which they fight. Phosphex, Thermonuclear weapons and Chemical Warfare all seek to choke the last vestiges of life from Terra Divided.

Nation turns against nation,
Demagogues rise up seeking power in exchange for false promises of salvation,
Madness drives the Techobarbarians to loot and destroy.
And somewhere, buried deep in secret laboratories an ancient figure prepares to reveal him presence.

Terra is Divided
And so begin to Unification Wars

Before the Imperium, Before Terra was Holy, it was Divided.

Now come the Unification Wars


Download the Unofficial Unification Wars Path to Glory Supplement

Convert up a Unification War Era (40K) army to match an Age of Sigmar Battletome faction in Path to Glory.

Build up over the course of months hitting that months themes, unit or target to assemble a Unification Era Great Nation, Army or Technobarbarian Rabble.

Choose your Theme: The unification wars played host to countless nations, warlords, barbarian tribes and more across the divided continents of Terra. There is scope from Genecrafted Soldiers led by Psychic Officers, to Techno Barbarians, through conscripted militaries wielding lascarbines to the early Custodes and Thunder Warriors of the first sights of the Imperial Army. Each theme brings the potential for new and unique conversions to deliver a beautiful finished army.

Pick the AoS Battletome that best fits the themes in your mind, Radiation spewing armoured Legions represented with the Maggotkin of Nurgle to show the radiation they choke others with modelling massive environment choking virus bombs as the feculant Gnarlmaws.

Thunder Warriors and Imperial army fit well Stormcast and a Stormkeep garrison allowing you to present a varied force with a united theme.

Technobarbarians using the full scope of the Orruk Warclans battletome to bring exciting and savage weaponry to bear

Skaven represent mining cultures well as they emerge from hidden bunkers providing safe refuge from an irradiated surface world, bringing dangerous and poorly understood Dark Age of Technology to bear.

Kharadron Overlords could represent skyfaring nations using grav haulers and drone automata to deploy elite troops to the battlefield, with Sky Wardens represented by Jump harness drop troops.

Fight, gain territories, develop your great nations legacy in an era of the Warhammer 40,000 lore as of yet unexplored.

With the veil of mystyery lingering over the warring great nations, where genecrafting, proto-dreadnoughts, and psy-officers are used on the field of battle. Enter an Age before the Imperium where thermonuclear war, phosphex and the ambition of tyrants seeks to choke the very life out of Terra

Take advantage of the unknown to convert your own take on the Great Nations, pulling from the awesome sculpts in the Necromunda, Age of Sigmar, 40k and 30k ranges to make something new and unique!

Picking Your Army:

During the Age of Strife the great nations of Terra descended into anarchy, cut off from their growing galactic empire by unrelenting warp storms the planet began to consume itself as tyrants and dictators vied for control for dwindling resources and war scarred landmasses. At the beginning of the War of Unification the man who would come to be worshipped as the Emperor revealed himself with legions of genetically modified Thunder Warriors and Custodes as he sought to conquer Terra and unite her in fresh conquest. He however did not find himself unopposed, each of the great nations having amassed technology from the dark age of tech and armies of gene modified soldiers of their own. Some sought to employ dark warp magics to hold onto their territories whilst others resorted to chemical warfare to keep the enemy at bay, elsewhere hordes of Technobarbarians sought to take advantage of a planet constantly at war with itself to forge their own empires for the ages.

Albia -
Heraldry of White and Crimson
Deployed Proto-dreadnoughts and Armoured Ironsides
Reknown for their Martial Discipline

Albyon -
Heraldry Unknown
Rumoured to have been led by a cannibal who consumed blood
Little else known

Aechaemenid Empire -
Heraldry Unknown
Tribal Factions
Genetically did not mutate or degrade making for prime recruiting stock
Reknown for love of Truth and Discourse

Akkad -
Heraldry Unknown
Deployed Udug Hul, Genetically enhanced slaved with vastly superior strength and poisoned blood

Attlan -
Heraldry Unknown
Little Known

Boeotia -
Heraldry Unknown
Monarchy under King Kadmus, known for vast repositories of knowledge

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War breeds war, as humanity descent into desperation peaked so did the appetites of many across the planet. Many great nations militaries, and roving militias fall under the catagory of the Technobarbarians, those who technology and appetites for war have dwarfed all else. Savage, unrelenting and wielding weapons able of brutalising their foes these were not the technologically primitive barbarians of old, instead they brought to bear formative power armour with unstable power packs to provide movement, its very design favouring aggression and increased strength over protection with many leaving their lower body entirely unarmoured to aid ease of movement.

Thunder Warriors
Human auxliary soldiers

Selecting Your Battletome:

A big part of what drew me to using Age of Sigmar battletomes for the basis for the Age of Unification is the breadth and scope of the themes each brings to the table and the myriad of different units each could come to represent.

When selecting your Battletome you're looking for thematic rules that speak to the concept you are trying to portray rather than the specific lore of that battletome vs your faction. For example if you are looking for something slow but resilient, that poisons its environment you could look at Maggotkin of Nurgle, their default Blightking Warscroll packs an impressive 4 wounds, strong save and the faction provides a war that could be reflective of stimm injectors, forcefields or more. This could be used to represent heavy proto-power armour, using their disease rules that infect anyone nearby to channel that poorly contained reactor on their back bleeding radiation into the environment around them. This way you build a sci-fi lumbering power armoured faction whose very presence chokes and poisons the battlefields they fight upon, perfect for waging war in the Age of Unification.

To help with this here are some archtypes for the Age of Sigmar battletomes, not the lore the represent, but the themes that might relate to your Age of Unification armies:

Cities of Sigmar:
Plentiful Infantry centric warscrolls, ideal for more traditional military forces employing alot of flak armoured personnel
Diverse range of weapon options (Hangun-Lascarbine, Long rifle-Long Las, Sisters of Watch bow - Radium Rifle)
Specific sub themes: Living City (Ambush), Hammerhal (Banners and `Heraldry), Tempest Eye (Access to Kharadrons for Drones)

Stormcast Eternals
Ideal for Thunder Warriors/Custodes, mix of melee and ranged warscrolls
Warscrolls for Artillery pieces
Can "Deepstrike" representing teleporarums, and explode of death (unstable reactors)
Can access infantry from Cities of Sigmar to represent Imperial Army

Kharadron Overlords
Flying Vehicular Warscrolls, ideal to represent combat drones, grav haulers, hovercraft
Ranged/Melee battleline unit, ideal for small arms and personal defence weapons
Dedicated shooting unit, ideal for heavy weapons
Warscrolls for jump infantry for rudimentary jump/jetpacks, grav boards and more
(Credit Lancer Chris on twitter: Can also represent Termite drills to represent tunneling factions hitting underground complexes)

Plentiful monster sized Walker warscrolls (Treelords 3 variants, Kurnoth hunters) for representing manned walkers or Automata
Deployable terrain, representing shield bubbles, teleport stations, bunker hatches etc
Teleporting troops choices, high stealth and mobility

Maggotkin of Nurgle
Slow and Resilient
Envrionment choking rules
"Summoning" could represent rad-ghouls coming to the battlefield, or mutated local creatures
Default troop is armoured, resilient and handy in combat.
Ideal proto-power armoured faction

High mobility, rules to represent sensor disruption and active camoflage
Two different warscrolls ideal for jetbikes, gravboards and bikers for melee
Ranged and melee infantry choices
Rules for high wound high resilience flier, potentially portable command station or airship

Orruk Warclans
Ideal for Technobarbarians
Warscrolls for poorly armoured, well armoured and heavy armoured infantry
Heavy Cavalry warscrolls
Kruleboyz warscrolls give the potential for artillery, and personal mounted heavy weapons
Myriad of monster warscrolls for automata and manned machines

Ossiarch Bonereapers
Ideal bionic/automata centric faction
Heavy infantry focus but with resilience as a key trait
Relentless disciline to reflect highly trained, highly communicative forces
Genecrafted/bionic infantry force

Sons of Behemat

The Tyrants of Ursh

"Ursh was a nation-state of the old Terra[ in what had once been Russia and Central Asia. It flourished during the Age of Strife. Its forces, led by the tyrant Kalagann conquest many pre-Imperial nations, including the Nordafrik Conclaves where they destroyed the paradise oases of Xoze"

Reference: Warhammer 40k Lexicanum

Ursh Mauler Battleharness