Welcome to KITBASHED, the beginnings of what we hope will become a fantastic resource for conversions, kitbashing, bits comparisons and more for the Warhammer Age of Sigmar setting. Though we are starting small with our Hobby Streams we have big plans for the future, bear with us as we find our feet and join us as we grow and explore the Age of Sigmar and how best to integrate converting and kitbashing into your armies with view on use at events, display and more.

Garret of the Geey - Freeguild General on Griffon converted from Stormcast Tauralon Model

What is Converting or Kitbashing?

Kitbashing and Converting have existed for a long time, any time a hobbyist builds a kit in a manner unlike the instructions they are putting their own spin upon the kit, and by combining multiple kits in a unique way is Kitbashing. Both provide hobbyists ways of making a project more their own, projecting their own voice and artistic flair into a model or army and redefining its theme to match the story they want to tell.

Each time a model is modified further from its base there come the trepidations as to how accepted it will be in the wider community, which in my experience are largely unfounded as gamers are ever eager to face cool, thematic models in a unique playing experience.

When making a conversion it is generally base to have an image in your mind (or better yet sketched down) before putting glue to model, you can also dry fit, pin or tack a model together before commiting to the permenance of glue to give yourself time to review the concept and lock in a final result that best matches your vision


At its heart KITBASHED is the embodiment of my love for one of the most creative elements of the hobby through conversions and kitbashing, whilst it is my project it could not exist without the vibrant and ever giving contributors of the greater Warhammer community who always strive to create, to share and to encourage each other. Kitbashed will not investigate the tactical use of a model or if it is "worth" its points, because rules change with editions whilst models remain eternally fantastic. Instead we will provide an insight into the creative minds of hobbyists and contributors when creating something new by straying from the instruction page, whether you're just starting out and swapping a head onto a new model or creating a truly insane model propped up with brass wire and strung with LEDs we hope to be another asset in your hobby tool box.

Overtime our resources will grow to include tutorials, size comparisons, hobby streams and more, but as we make out first tentative steps forward we are bouyed by the artistic capabilities of hobbyists populating our Bits that Fit page exploring the infinite possibilities of kitbashing for every faction.

Explore, Share, Contribute.

Hobby Together

Converting and Events

There are some common misconceptions around attending events with converted models, often that they are disallowed or discourged but in my experience this is simply untrue.

When attending events there are often additional rules, constraints or guidelines as to conversions in order to make the game enjoyable, and less confusing for both players involved. The specific rules on each event will vary from event pack to event pack so it is always a good idea to verify them with your event organiser in advance of attending, if attending a Warhammer World event the email to verify is here:


By emailing in the build up to the event you will be able to get clear guidance, and hopefully approval for your intended conversions well in advance of attending.

As a general rule of thumb for events (but by no means a replacement for contacting the event organiser) here is a guideline for conversion:

- Match the base size of the original model
- Stick close to the rough shape/size of the original for line of sight purposes
- Multiple similar Unique conversions represent the same unit type, not different ones (If one steam walker is a treelord variant, all steam walkers are treelord variants)
- Explain what is what to your opponent before the game, and again during if asked
- Pictoral army lists are an asset, that way your opponent can verify which model is which without having to ask
- If attending a GW run event all models and component must be GW components. Assembly materials (Greenstuff, Brass Rod, Wire etc) is excempt from this, however cast or printed components are not*.
- Be generous to your opponent in cases of model confusion, especially with unique builds
- Capture the energy of the wascroll/data sheer, a swift agile model is harder to justify as a slow armoured warscroll for example.

*3D components that you have personally design, non-commercially may be accepted

"Many players “scratch build” or heavily convert elements of their model collection, and these activities are a hallowed part of Warhammer hobby history. For the sake of fairness, any conversion should be comparable in size to the most current version of the model they represent. You may not gain a benefit from converted models, but may incur penalties.

For any converted or scratch built models, you must seek permission"
Reference: GW US Open 2021 Events Pack

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One of the most challenging part of any Kitbash is working out which components fit the scale and model that you are working with. Trying to interpret kit size from online images or rough guestimates can be a real hit or miss endevour. In our Bits that Fit section we will be compiling a list of kits in the right size and scale for various Age of Sigmar based conversions, drawing upon all official kits produced by Games Workshop for the bits pools.

In the future we hope to have a workspace where we can digitally compare component sizes, but for now we are drawing upon the skills of the community for kitbash reference photos and compiling a veritable treasure trove of bits reference to form a virtual shopping list for a would be converter.

Building a Cities of Sigmar army?
Check out the list of human sized compatible kits for the basis of your freeguild guard.

Converting a God-tier model?
Check out the list of kits in the right scale to capture that heroic energy.

Components are sorted by faction within their grand alliance, but feel free to switch between them to create something truly unique.